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Website Design & SEO Marketing Northern Rivers NSW

A modern, state of the art website is the key to your internet presence. We’ve been making websites since 2001 with thousands of websites completed. Give your business the edge with a great looking, functional website designed and built by the experienced, creative team at JezNorthWeb.

We take a practical, honest and principled approach to the solutions we provide our clients.

We’re very focused on search engines. We stay across the constantly changing requirements set by Google for websites to rank well. We produce high quality, relevant websites that enable our clients to compete online effectively.

We’re here to help. Whatever your industry, profession or business – we work with you to get the result you expect.

Leave the technical details to us, that’s what we’re good at. You can remain focused on running your business knowing you are in good hands with JezNorthWeb.

About JezNorthWeb - Website Design & SEO Northern Rivers NSW


Sales & Marketing

John utilises his extensive sales and marketing expertise to help you find the JezNorthWeb service best suited to your business. John is a professional who speaks your language. He presents alternatives and details in clear non-technical terms and provides you with transparent, detailed quotes to consider in your own time. You won’t find John pressuring you.  ‘Hard sell’ is not John’s approach. Personal service and flexibility are his style. He works in collaboration with you to get the best result for your business or organisation. Call John now 0455 029 199.


Website Developer & CEO

Jeremy has been building quality, affordable, and easy to edit websites for businesses and organisations since 2001.

From design to functionality, he ensures your website is engaging, attractive, and highlights your products and services. When asked for help from a client his natural reaction is to say yes.

He is constantly seeking new and better ways to use the web rather than merely relying on what has worked in the past.

The JezNorthWeb Team

JezNorthWeb team’s capability is in place to provide a comprehensive service to our clients for all their web needs.

The team works closely with small, medium and larger businesses to design, build, manage and promote customised websites that rank well; leading to more enquiries, sales and bookings.

JezNorthWeb production and services is supported by a diverse and experienced team of web professionals with skills across a wide range of roles including:

Project Manager

Content Curator

Website Development

Business Development


Content & Administration

Do you have a new business?  Are you the new owner of an existing business?  Do you need to upgrade your current old website?  To maximise the impact your business achieves with its online presence, the JezNorthWeb team is at your disposal. Contact JezNorthWeb now on 0455 029 199.

The first thing that one needs to do is choose the type of website they would like. Different types of websites require different considerations. Next, one needs to design their site (whether on paper or with a software package). Nowadays, many people use WordPress for this purpose, but Joomla is also popular with some people.

After designing the site based on one’s preferences–choosing colors and fonts etc., choosing what pages are needed in the layout, deciding whether to have external links or not–the next stage is programming it so that words can be turned into meaningful text with appropriate formatting. PHP and MySQL are two examples of languages used commonly in website programming.

Looking for a website builder in Australia? Head on over to www.jezweb.com.au

There are many great Australian website builders, and we would be happy to make your first steps as easy as possible. We can help you establish an identity and establish credibility with potential customers by building a professional web presence that showcases the best of your company’s services and products. The freedom of having premium hosting packages means you can affordably give your online store an edge over other businesses out there – it’ll look like you’re miles ahead when others start tripping up.

Website design costs can vary depending on the industry and type of company you’re looking to work with. An IT company will most likely charge more than a personal blog or small business. The good news is that there are 29 different strategies we use to reduce the cost of our website design! 

We offer FREE consultations and proposals so whether it’s for one webpage, 200 pages, 100 social media accounts, 1000 emails…no matter what your project is we can find a way to make it work for you at an affordable price! Plus just like our website says “WE WORK TO MAKE YOU GO…”

A website cost per month starts at around $30 per month and with a year-long contract. Websites range in price depending on the level of customization, hosting packages, domain name extensions, the number of visitors it receives each day, and more.

This will generally include all costs related to maintaining your website, including web hosting fees – which is where customers house their websites by saving files or placing them on someone else’s server so that they can be accessed over the Internet – as well as domain registration fees. However, this may not include payment processing if you are selling items online because this will involve another separate cost file to set up every time an individual makes a purchase. Some other additional features may also be available for an extra cost which you can consider as a capability to your website.

Any modification on the infrastructure of your website may also cost an additional fee because you’ve also been charged for the time it takes any web developer or designer assigned to make those changes.

There is a range of hosting providers in Australia that provide a variety of packages/services. I recommend that you contact the providers in your area and compare their offerings to see which suits you best. 

In Europe, there are plenty of options but Australia is not as wide when it comes to web hosts. For Australian individuals looking for a suitable web host, they can choose from JezWeb or JezNorthWeb – these two companies offer premium hosting packages which many Australian web users would be happy with. You can visit either website and get more information on what will suit your needs best once you register an account with them. 

There are many web builders that would work well for small businesses in Australia. One such example is WordPress, which offers a free and easy-to-use option.

ELEMENTOR is an all-in-one website builder for personal and online business needs that lets you create stunning websites without touching a single line of code! And thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, it won’t take years to learn either. 

We offer aggressive prices on upgrading features if your site starts getting popular and we also have a variety of addons available so you can achieve even more things with your ELEMENTOR build.

If you have a fairly big business and want to go out there in the marketplace, SEO agencies are a very good option for long-term, dependable service.

The ultimate experience for an agency is to be able to work closely with the business from start to finish. From market research undertaken at the early stages of branding, branding strategy put into place before engaging with an SEO campaign through organic strategies – even propagating that into offline opportunities such as getting onto high-end websites or PR campaigns can help grow your client’s audience reach without breaking the bank. In turn, this helps improve customer retention rates and overall satisfaction levels which lead to increased overall revenue.

Search engine optimization or SEO can greatly impact the amount of web traffic that you receive. Without it, many people who are in need of your services will never even know that you are in business.

The cost of SEO services depends on factors like the experience of the SEO company, reputation of the SEO company, kind of keywords optimization needed etc. Generally, a company with sufficient experience and a good reputation will charge a higher price than a new company with a poor reputation. You should always ask for a detailed SEO marketing campaign from potential SEO companies and then either choose the one that works for you or come up with a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy yourself.

A content curator collects, analyzes, rates, and presents digital media for their makers.

A content curator usually specializes in a specific topic or industry. They decide what is most interesting to the group of people they are trying to reach (such as scientific curiosity). They find blogs, articles, tweets, and websites on these topics to compile into an attractive digital newspaper or calendar that will be of the most interest to you.

They employ many analytical ways of deciding what’s important – like analyzing social media sites like Twitter for emerging themes (to use collected photos more often), looking at referrer traffic (users who came through google searches rather than directly), and measuring which posts were read for how long by keeping track of scroll depth on each page.