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We’re here to help your business establish brand awareness, its online presence, increase sales and improve your Google ranking.  JezNorthWeb are website design and SEO experts.

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Website Design

Customised website design to suit your brand, colours, information and photos. Your website is a reflection of your industry and personality, let’s make it look like someone cared enough to do it properly.

Mobile Responsiveness

Phones, tablets, desktops and laptops; your website should look great on each screen size and device so that no matter what your customers used to access your website they can navigate it easily and quickly.


Maximize your Google ranking for your best converting keywords and phrases so that potential customers find you and enquire before they get to your competitors.

WordPress Websites

100% WordPress every day, we love it. With a range of premium plugins and unique improvements we simplify your WordPress website and make it an effective sales tool you can update.


WooCommerce leads the WordPress shopping carts and we provide every extension necessary to sell, ship and track your products from warehouse to delivery. Your website can include complete ecommerce functionality.

Online Marketing

We offer social media marketing packages that are tailored to your business. We can assist in managing your brand’s presence across the social media channels relevant to your business.

Writing Content

Thousands of words carefully crafted into pages, articles and blog posts. We get to know you and your business so that the writing on your website is informative and accurate.

Website Hosting

Absolute reliability so that your website is online all the time, ready for potential customers to find you and place an enquiry. Cloud hosting provided by industry leading engineers and servers.

Domain Names

Get our help to pick a short, memorable, easy to spell domain name that will be clearly heard on phone calls and convenient as a website and email address domain. Registration and renewals carefully managed so that your domain is secure.

Graphic Design

Logos, brochures, flyers, business cards; design and printing all arranged and perfect so that you can get back to work and have professionally styled sales material on hand. We make sure your website design suits your company graphics and style

Email Hosting

Whether you use Outlook, Mac Mail, your phone, tablet or the webmail, from simple email accounts through to hosted Microsoft Exchange with shared calendars we can setup exactly what you need

Email Marketing

Advice and design for newsletters and campaigns in Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign with advice on how to write compelling, lead generating emails that make your prospects press reply

Yes, but it’s a really good idea for you to have an idea of what you want your site to look like before asking one more costly question. Generally, website designers either work from scratch or use a template of designs that the client chooses. Neither option is better than the other, so know that designing from scratch may take longer and will involve some ongoing collaboration on behalf of both parties, whereas using a template might offer instant gratification but less room for customization.

The client might even be able to find someone that will do the job for very little pay to get experience if they’re desperate – but beware! If you create your site, it’s important to consider programming and development, which includes computational linguistics, interaction design, information architecture, and digital graphics skills.

The website design package should contain all the features that you need for your business or personal need. Websites can have several additional packages, but they require separate pricing from this start point.

The most important aspect of a website design package is the idea and helps you bring your idea to life. To do this, we need to know about your brand and what you want out of the website so we can guide you in finding the best possible solution for what you’re looking for. We also offer custom packages that suit anything from small business websites, eCommerce solutions, brochure sites, or complex projects such as large interactive applications with big budgets.

A mobile responsive website is a website that can switch its layout to fit the device it is being viewed on. In other words, a mobile-friendly site will readjust itself to look as if it were designed for the smaller screen of a smartphone or tablet rather than the desktop.

Mobile responsive websites respond to the size of the viewer’s window. They have features for viewing web pages in “full screen”, allowing viewers to see all content without scrolling horizontally or vertically. You can also use your mouse or trackpad (or even your finger) on larger screens like laptops and tablets by scrolling around freely on any section of the page you like.

Yes, you need a mobile responsive website to have an enjoyable experience on the internet. The number of smartphone users doubled in just three years. There are over 4 billion mobile connections on the planet and an estimated 2.2 billion active smartphones worldwide. 

Mobile phones are now the primary means of accessing the internet. Did you know that 42% of people use their phones to go online? And 74% of teens never break eye contact with their phone? So if you don’t provide a mobile interface for your content, users will leave your site and go elsewhere because it’s more convenient.

It’s tough to say which company is the best since there are a lot of SEO companies in Australia. A quick Google search can turn up hundreds of results for “SEO service Australia” alone. If you’re looking for more specifically Sydney-based companies, one place to start would be Zoom, or if you wanted something slightly smaller than that, it could be Jezweb.

Also, keep in mind that not all services are the same when choosing an SEO company in Australia, so it’s important to compare their services and competitive rates before committing to anything. Also, you want an agency with high reviews online or on any social media networks they may boast.

Any company that has an online presence. You can always rank higher on search engines if you optimize your website for users through SEO techniques. In addition, companies often use it for marketing and branding to keep up with the competition and make sure their website is visible and found by potential and current customers.

Of course, the main reason any business would care about SEO is that ranking high in search engines can dramatically increase traffic to a company’s site, which will increase conversions (and eventually sales). The higher your rank on Google (or Bing), the more people you’re likely to reach organically — without paying for ads — all because someone typed in a relevant keyword or phrase into their browser. The same thing goes for Apple Maps if iPhone users rely solely on this app as their main navigation tool.

Yes, you can. We recommend and support an Australian-based company for a Complete WordPress Website Design and Development package (Jezweb).

WordPress is an open-source web development application that enables users to build websites with few resources. WordPress has two interfaces for creating and running their website – they can use either a browser or their desktop site to create and manage multiple websites with user profiles simultaneously. 

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS), powering everything from blogs to colossal publications like Time Magazine and CNN. Being an open-source product with enormous contributions from volunteer programmers worldwide has made it easy for any company or individual to modify or put their ideas into practice without paying costly licenses each time they want to update their website – depending, of course, on your needs. However, if you’re looking for even more simplicity, then WordPress also provides costless hosting for websites that do not require modifications at all!

You can create a WordPress website in Australia by purchasing hosting services.

First, choose the hosting that is best for you. Next, find a theme that meets your criteria and install it on your site. Then all you have to do is fill in the content with relevant information about your business! You are now ready to start blogging or designing an informational website! To learn more about how to accomplish this task, have a look at these tutorials on’s video tutorial page for designers and bloggers.

Now you are all set up with your new WordPress site! If this isn’t enough, then ping us for a quote, and we will take care of everything you need.

The first step to building a great eCommerce website is understanding what you need from your site. What are the goals that you hope to achieve with the design and functions of your site? This could mean anything from making money to branding your company, depending on how you want readers/customers who come across the site to feel about it. Next, setting up an eCommerce project can depend greatly on what type of store design that you’re looking for (lifestyle like Warby Parker or traditional department store), but typically includes these basic steps:Choose a Branding and gets your domain. …

  • Pick your eCommerce platform. …
  • Plan and build your eCommerce website. …
  • Set up a payment method, tax, shipping, and marketing tools. …
  • Test and launch your eCommerce website.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional eCommerce website development agency and let them care for your business.

WordPress is the most popular, but nowadays, Shopify is catching up.

WordPress is the most commonly used system for blogging, sites, and online stores. This has created a mature plugin market for developers to build upon. It’s easy to customize and has more control over design. Unfortunately, all of this makes it more expensive.

Shopify offers a lot of benefits for an online seller or retailer, including a built-in customized eCommerce website builder along with an inventory management system, Product Wizard, and more. You can also use Hatchful to use our free template as your starting point to design the perfect site for your business needs. At this stage, Shopify allows you to build your themes, so no need to become a developer! Take it from us – we let you do everything else. We take care of that. It’s perfect for beginners who don’t yet have their blogs or websites and need something quick and budget-friendly.

Digital marketing services can vary depending on the level of service you are looking for. Here is a list of some digital marketing services, but this is by no means exhaustive.

  • Paid Search (including Google AdWords) 
  • Pay Per Click (including Google Content Network and YouTube Ads) 
  • Display Advertising (including Banner, Text and Social Media ads) 
  • Email Marketing and Management (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Call Tracking Services (Lead Generation) 
  • Internet Marketing Services (Search Engine Optimization)

Digital Marketing encompasses a broad, ever-changing space of marketing communications. It is an accepted best practice for almost every business to have a presence on the ‘Web’ and effectively test and implement digital strategies to engage their target audience with compelling ads, effective emails, or videos.

Many companies employ content writers who produce articles, blogs, newsletters, and other writing-related material for their companies.

Two ways can outsource these services to freelance writers. One is called “content farming”, where you ask the writer to produce a bulk of articles requesting specific keywords or concepts. The other way is to provide submissions involving freelancers submitting ongoing work on an ongoing basis for your publication platforms.

We want to write to you about your interests or goals. Just tell us what type of writing experience best fits your needs, and we’ll provide the perfect answer that matches your unique voice in an instant! We offer a variety of current topics, including finance, marketing & sales, healthcare & wellness, technology & startups, architecture & design, and more.

Yes, Hosting services keep your data backed up, so you don’t lose it in any event, like a power outage or computer crash.

A company’s host will also provide an anti-virus program, firewall protection, malware detection and elimination, spam filters for your email clients, bandwidth management tools to regulate your network traffic flow speed for different programs, etc.

Web hosting is necessary if you are using a website that needs storage capacity because not all websites use their full capacity at any given time. For example, suppose your site is popular but doesn’t require much space to store information. In that case, web hosting isn’t necessary as long as the service provider offers complimentary storage space and access to other server features like a counter virus or data corruption.

It depends on the package you want and other variables such as bandwidth and how many domains you’ll be hosting simultaneously. But, for an average package, it should be about $400-$1200 per year.

If you need a website, chances are very good that someone in your office does too – and if not, then they’re likely one of your clients or partners. Hosting fees require just a simple phone call, but there’s more than meets the eye with their seemingly arbitrary prices. For example, Jezweb bills its customers $85 per year for shared web hosting services, while JezNorthWeb charges up to $25 less depending on if their customer wants to sign up yearly or monthly over 12 months.

You can have a website without a domain name by using FTP.

Using an FTP Client, create a folder on your computer for your webpages and upload the files you’d like to be live on the web to that folder. One of those files will be index.html or default.html; this is what visitors see when they land on your page. In something like Dreamweaver, you can designate “localhost” as the hostname and IP address – 0:0:33761- if you’re unsure of these settings, click here for an article entitled “How do I find my local IP?” Unfortunately, all connections won’t work with some browsers.

The main responsibility of a graphic designer is to create visuals for the content, whether it be using computer software, photography and video editing. Graphic design intersects many other fields, including visual communications, illustration and editorial artistry.

Graphic designers are responsible for creating art that can communicate information, provide detail about a product or service, or beautify the environment. They often do this through the use of fonts, colours, images and diagrams. These designs are meant to make you think differently about something, connect with its story or message, respond emotionally to its beauty or come back for more information because they found their experience engaging and informative.

There are too many to count.

Similarly, there’s no firm and universal definition of what a “graphic designer” is, which further complicates matters. Your best bet would be to contact someone at your favourite graphic design agency and ask them for the answer. We aren’t sure we can help with cataloguing such things! We can tell you that there are all sorts of graphic designers working in different areas like advertising agencies, publishing houses, magazines, apparel companies, etc. Graphic designers usually have some formal training on top of innate talent for creating beautiful images with text on the go… And let’s say it takes more than being adept at Photoshop or Illustrator to reach this echelon 😉

Free is a strong word in the IT world, but you can visit several domain name registrars to secure an email domain for free. However, much like most products and services offered on the internet, it may cost you something more than thought to set up your email domain if necessary providers.

The other option is to use popular services such as Gmail and Outlook, which many people already use and don’t want anything from you. The drawbacks to this approach are that those services often push ads at users based on previous behaviour. They also collect data about their users for advertising purposes which those companies sell off 3rd party or use themselves as datasets for analysis.

Yes. Previously, email marketing was one of the best ways to promote brands and make back some money. It’s still profitable, but new technological advances have eroded its profitability.

From a recent study by Campaigner, more than half of the top 100 brands in the world use email marketing.

The dominant reason behind it is that more people open their emails than click on banner ads. Also, email is a more personal way to connect with customers because they expect this info from you – click rates are higher through direct mail campaigns. Customers respond better to getting information through an email.

The best email marketing strategy is to build customer loyalty. An effective way to do this is by sending emails about new products, contests, discounts, etc. This puts the company in front of the customer before looking for it themselves or even remembering that they want that product or service.

Think of how your inbox changes over time – advertising looks significantly different at 3 AM on a Saturday than it does at 3 PM on a Wednesday. Companies should mirror our behaviour by sending targeted email campaigns at different intervals over time but always remaining relevant to what you are viewing or shopping for.

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