Airbnb Hosts Can Create Their Own Websites With JezNorthWeb

Airbnb Hosts can create their own websites with Jezweb

Diversify your booking streams with your own website

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online travel agency or OTA platform that hosts thousands of properties from users called ‘hosts’ all over the world, giving potential guests the opportunity to view, book and review short term holiday rentals and interact with other members of the community.

If you’re a common internet user or someone that regularly seeks short term or holiday accommodation, you might have heard of Airbnb. If you own or regularly rent out one of these properties, chances are you definitely have. For property owners, Airbnb represents a platform on which they can advertise their rental and receive income via the bookings they make.

Hosts create a listing for their property which includes a breakdown of photos, facilities and amenities as well as a general description of what the place has to offer and what it might be like to stay there. Guests can then interact with these listings, make and view reviews to inform their decision-making process and if they are satisfied with what they see, make a booking, driving income directly into the hosts pocket.

Additionally, the creation of these listings is completely free, and hosts are able to determine their own pricing structure as well! So, with all this considered, why would an owner of a holiday rental need anything else?

Why Should Airbnb hosts create their own website

Why Should Airbnb hosts create their own website?

There are a lot of reasons why an Airbnb host might consider creating their own website, in addition to or instead of other short stay accommodation rental platforms like Airbnb. Some hosts might simply be looking to diversify their booking streams or may be seeking to give potential guests greater insight into their property than what they can on the Airbnb website.


Others might want greater flexibility and freedoms over the booking and communication with their guests and seek to minimise the restrictions and costly service fees other platforms impose. Possibly, they may simply want to further develop the branding and marketing potential of their property and seek to highlight the experience of their property and all the unique selling points that come with it.

Whatever the reason, hosts are increasingly creating their own websites to promote and manage their short-term holiday rentals and are reaping the benefits of doing so. Creating your own website can seem daunting, so if you don’t have the time or expertise, contact a website design team, such as JezNorthWeb? We are based in Evans Head, NSW, and are ready to help.

Take back control

One of the biggest reasons existing hosts might create and use their own website is the amount of control they are able to take back in the presentation of their property online and the ways in which the booking and communication occur.

While the Airbnb platform allows hosts to create listings and personalise them with photographs and custom text, there is a minimal ability to customise and control the listing. You might create your own website for your short-term rental property because you can:

  • Showcase the business and properties in any way that you want.
  • Gain freedom, where other platforms are more restrictive.
  • Take direct bookings when other platforms aren’t functioning.
  • Control the guest experience from beginning to end.
  • Diversify incoming booking streams.
  • Capture your visitors’ attention entirely, minimising potential distractions.

Increase communication

Hosts are put back in the driver’s seat when they create their own websites for their short term vacation property they and can engage with guests through the entirety of the customer experience, from the initial enquiry right through to the guests final day within the rental.

Hosts are not able to communicate with their guests through the entirety of the booking process when using the Airbnb platform, but, with their own website, they can easily rectify any issues and control the consumer experience as needed.

A secondary advantage of having direct contact with guests is that the potential for rebooking is possible via the creation of mailing lists and the forwarding of newsletters using this direct contact information.

Gain advertising, marketing and analytics

Another advantage that comes from the use of your own vacation rental website is the direct access to data and analytical information about your guests that you wouldn’t always be able to see when listing through a third-party platform.  This data can be used to market to your guests and increase your site visibility via SEO and Google Search rankings.

Imagine being able to remarket to previous guests using discount codes or special offers or having the capability to exclusively target a particular section of a mailing list you’ve created to bolster your re-bookings.

Furthermore, as a host, you can utilise your website to market and push feature aspects of your rental, such as the fact that you’re pet friendly or that your guests can enjoy your stunning outdoor facilities, for example.

However, your website content doesn’t have to only be about your website. Many hosts include information about the local areas and highlight potential points of interest to guests staying in the area, including shops, attractions and amenities.

Doing so can actually benefit your organic SEO rankings and can potentially drive more traffic to your site from people searching for a place to stay in your area outside of platforms like Airbnb.

Why should short -term rental accommodation hosts have their own websites

Why should short-term rental accommodation hosts have their own websites?

There are plenty of reasons why you, as a rental host, should create your own website, with the majority coming down to what you want to gain from your investment. If you only list the property as available a few times a year and aren’t worried about garnering as many visitors as you can throughout the year, then your existing listing on Airbnb or whichever other platform you’re using is probably going to suffice.

However, if you’re more invested in generating consistent revenue via your short-term rental property or are seeking to create a holistic brand around the customer experience aspect of your business for your guests, then a custom website is worth looking into.

Ready for a new website Contact the website design team at Jezweb

Ready for a new website? Contact the website design team at JezNorthWeb

JezNorthWeb has experience with a number of accommodations booking services and our team will collaborate with you to create something that truly fits your needs and budget. Let’s create a web design that promotes your business and attracts new clients! We help you every step of the way with design, domains, hosting, email accounts, website, SEO and Google. If this sounds like a great move forward for your hospitality business, enquire now by clicking here to speak to a representative at JezNorthWeb. Alternatively, call us on 0455 029 199.

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